SELECT con.*,
                       con.pubdate as fpubdate,
					   cat.title as cat_title, cat.seolink as catseolink,
                       u.nickname as author,
                       u.login as user_login
                FROM cms_content con
				INNER JOIN cms_category cat ON = con.category_id
				LEFT JOIN cms_users u ON = con.user_id
                WHERE con.is_arhive = 0
                       AND (session_id = '3lgl6v2qfici3ugc6sa1epcqg7')
 AND (con.published = 1 AND con.pubdate <= '2024-06-17 05:58:14' AND (con.is_end=0 OR (con.is_end=1 AND con.enddate >= '2024-06-17 05:58:14')))


                ORDER BY con.pubdate DESC
LIMIT 0, 5

Unknown column 'session_id' in 'where clause'